Our business philosophy is that of service to the client and is the heart of our daily operations. The search for real estate on behalf of our clients and buyers, means having a real estate book, in which the client can choose from luxury accommodation to simple ‘pied-a-terre’. Those who agree to trust us with of the sale of their property, know they will find in our business the ability and professionalism necessary to put an important possession like your home on the market.


Our consultants will follow you in all phases of selling real estate; from the moment in which you trust your house to us through a written order to sell just as in the buying phase that you will formulate with a written request to buy and title deeds to buy your house. Our consultants will verify the technical, legal and town planning regulations of the property you are buying or selling and will be present with you the day of transferring the property deeds with the notary.


    We will provide the best legal representation in the real estate sector to assist you in resolving any problems arising during the buying and selling of property found through us.


    Through various professional affiliations we are able to offer you, not only consultation in the best notary studios that guarantee the buying/selling of the house that you have trusted to us.


    Surveyors, architects, engineers, decorators and a series of professional in the real estate sector who are affiliated with us, they will be pleased to offer their professionalism in order to satisfy all of your needs.


    Would you like to buy a house? Would you like to redecorate or renovate your house?
    Do you need the finances to put it into action? Our financial consultants are able to guide you in the choice of the best products for your needs. Call now to have our free and simple financial consultation.


    Through years of experience, we are able to offer you a service which manages, under the legal technique profile, the most diverse needs related to life in an apartment block.


    We will put your house on a high visibility circuit. Our contacts with both local and foreign investors and the numerous requests inserted in our bank data - will guarantee you many opportunities